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Quote from a different thread:

Hey Buddy. This is John Funderwhite again.(luvmy04). Over the holiday time off I got to look into this heater motor thing. (motor will not run on high) Checked every thing you suggested. Everything checks good. Power from ignition switch, continuity from heater switch to resistor. I mean every thing. Took motor out an applied 12VDC. runs great. when you plug it back in to the system runs on high, but slower than the slow speed. tried a new resistor, nothing. Had the switch apart, not just this time either. Can't find any fault there. wiring diagram is confusing. It seems they are running power to the fan directly ,but regulated by resistor. With switch in high position should power be going through large brown, and tan wire to resistor, and then motor? hope you can help. This is really pissing me off.


When the switch is in the high position (position #1 on the wiring diagram), the power does not go to the resistor at all. It goes through pin 10 on the heater control box, via the black/tan wire (maybe brown/tan on yours?) directly to the splice (S224) where it joins the black/tan wire from the resistor to the blower motor. It bypasses the resistor completely. Only when the switch is in positions 2, 3, or 4 on the diagram is the power routed through the resistor, coming out at the black/brown wire to go to the blower motor.

You need to check to see if you have power at pin 10 when the switch is in the high position. If not, the switch should be replaced. If there is 12v at pin 10, follow the wiring to the C200 connector, which I suspect is the connector close to the blower resistor. With the resistor disconnected, you should have 12v at the heavier black/tan wire on the half of the connector not going to the resistor (with the switch on high). If not, there is a break in the wiring somewhere.
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