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Default 03 dakotar/t speedo and o2 sensor problems

if this is in the wrong section please move

like the title says its an 03 it has 45k miles and my number one problem is i cant get the speedo working yes i have done research on this but im coming to a dead end. the speedo most of the time does not move at all while first driving but after driving for 15 20 mins it will start jumping around going highway speeds and will calm down some at slower speeds and then just quit working again. now i have replaced the sensor on the axle and the vss sensor on the trans tailshaft. made absolutley no difference. now the po told me that the trans was rebuilt annd which i believe as it looks new, but he said this started after the shop built the trans and thought it was a pinched wire. upon inspection i cannot find either of the wires pinched on the vss sensor.although i cant see all of it. how does this sensor work is the ecm suppling 12vdc to the sensor and it sends a signal back when the shaft starts turning. oh and i checked the connections on the ecm all looked good but had no dieelectic grease so i put a dab in there, still no change.

second is the bank 2 #1 o2 sensor the pins have been pulled out of the connector and i do not know which pin goes where and dont want to short something out. can anyone tell me which wires go in which hole of the connector or snap a pic for me.

3rd well lets combine a couple here cause this is turning into a long post. the truck puffs a little oil smoke on startup after sitting for a little while, im thinking maybe a leaking valve guide seal although i need to check the belly pan gasket to see if its leaking would the belly pan gasket do this. as soon as it starts there is a little but of smoke and then its gone. and when warm is having a little trouble starting like it turns over a couple times then cranks slow then it starts. the trans is shifting a 4k rpms im assuming this is because its not getting a speed reading and doesnt know exactly when to shift but have heard that a poorly adjusted kickdown cable will cause this to.
i forget what codes its throwing but i think its 158 and 131 i will checj in the moring and update that.
i pulled the cover off the rear and checked the toner ring and it looks good no damage there. i checked the sensor wire there for freys or breaks and couldnt find anything.
and i did the check on the gauges by holding the trip buton down while turning the key on it started going through all the checks and when it tested the gauges the speedo went to 20 then 55 and then only to 75 while on the last step all the other needles were pegged out. what does this mean its just my cluster thats messed up
if anyone could help me out i would appreiciate it thanks. ill try to post up some pics soon.
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