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  1. How to check and reset engine codes

    Dodge Dakota Knowledge Base
    2000 and newer Dakotas and Durangos have a built-in system that can display check engine light (CEL) codes without the use of a scanner. 1999 and earlier Dakotas/Durangos must be read with a scanner, check your local dealership or auto parts store for assistance. To check your engine codes...
  2. How many quarts does the transmission take

    Ok i have done a transmission filter change in my 2000 dodge 4.7. I put back in 6 quarts of oil and it is still not to the "HOT" fill mark on the stick how much more do i need to put in. While i checked it i let it run and get to the normal temp. Please help
  3. Rear Differential Gear Ratio

    Dodge Dakota Towing
    What gear ratio is used when the towing package is factory installed? I'm thinking they lower the gearing a bit. I have a Sport package 4x4 without the tow package and need to tow. I can add the hitch, electric wiring and transmission cooler, but was wondering about the rear. The build sheet...
  4. 400 hp Street 5.2 Magnum Build List

    Internal Engine Mods
    Hey guys I need some help! I'm wanting to build the 5.2 in my 1996 dakota to about 400 hp to the rear wheels. I'm looking for some suggestions on a parts list like cam,lifters,rods,pistons,ignition,etc. Keep in mind that this is gonna be a daily driver and farm/work Truck too.I also need it to...
  5. Brake and ABS light on and soft brake pedal

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    My daughter has a 2001 Dakota. Yesterday her brake light and ABS light came on. The pedal seems to be going down further than it should. I checked the brake fluid, it was fine and I couldn't find any leaks. Any ideas where to start now? Thanks