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  1. How to check and reset engine codes

    Dodge Dakota Knowledge Base
    2000 and newer Dakotas and Durangos have a built-in system that can display check engine light (CEL) codes without the use of a scanner. 1999 and earlier Dakotas/Durangos must be read with a scanner, check your local dealership or auto parts store for assistance. To check your engine codes...
  2. How many quarts does the transmission take

    Ok i have done a transmission filter change in my 2000 dodge 4.7. I put back in 6 quarts of oil and it is still not to the "HOT" fill mark on the stick how much more do i need to put in. While i checked it i let it run and get to the normal temp. Please help
  3. Brake and ABS light on and soft brake pedal

    Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    My daughter has a 2001 Dakota. Yesterday her brake light and ABS light came on. The pedal seems to be going down further than it should. I checked the brake fluid, it was fine and I couldn't find any leaks. Any ideas where to start now? Thanks
  4. 400 hp Street 5.2 Magnum Build List

    Internal Engine Mods
    Hey guys I need some help! I'm wanting to build the 5.2 in my 1996 dakota to about 400 hp to the rear wheels. I'm looking for some suggestions on a parts list like cam,lifters,rods,pistons,ignition,etc. Keep in mind that this is gonna be a daily driver and farm/work Truck too.I also need it to...
  5. Airbag light

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    2001 Dodge Dakota 4x4 4.7 v8. My airbag light on my dash is on constantly after I turn the truck on. It started intermittently as I backed out of my driveway and turned slightly. Now it’s just on all the time. My cruise control and horn work perfectly which are the only buttons on my...