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  1. 1997 v6 automatic dodge dakota

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    hey I drive a 1997 V6 3.6L automatic 2 wheel drive Dodge Dakota. I keep having misfire codes pop up, they are cylinders 1,3,5 from what I know those are on the drivers side of the engine. What would keep causing issuses like that to pop up. In the 2 years Ive had it I have replaced the PCM...
  2. 1997 Dakota Creaking, Groaning and Clunking Noises?

    Hi Everyone, I'm JC, from NY, and I own a nice '97 Dakota x-cab 4x4 with nearly 200k miles but in very good condition. I'm posting because my truck has started to make the most disturbing noises. It doesn't start immediately but after driving just a couple of miles, it makes the loudest...