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  1. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 2002 Dakota SXT 2WD the 3.9. It has ~220,000 miles. The problem I'm having is kind of hard to explain but I'll try my best. Sometimes when I start it up it will start running rough and will barely take throttle. When I start driving it acts as if it's starved for fuel but if I turn it...
  2. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    My truck has always done this and I’m just wondering if this is normal for the 3.9 to do this at idle https://youtube.com/shorts/1yfrSKcl7Cg?feature=share
  3. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hi all - have a ‘99 3.9L v6 4x4 Dakota Sport, about a week ago was driving down the road at approx 40mph when all of a sudden the engine cut out, and lights on dash went out except for a code which showed up in location marked by arrow in attached photo. Too worried about getting rear-ended plus...
  4. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Originally got p1391 and p0340 changed the crank and cam sensor. then cleaned the IAC. sprayed connection cleaner. Truck is running better only bounces around by 100 rpm now but is still throwing the p1391 code. Any suggestions where look next?
  5. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I have a 3.9 in my 94 dakota. Within the last 2 months, it takes long crank times to get it to fire up and run after sitting overnight and sometimes even after sitting all day. Once it starts up, it idles and runs smooth. It also re-starts right away after that first start as well as if the...
  6. Driveline
    I am looking for some expert advice on the best rebuild kit possible for my 2003 v6 dakota with a 42re. Also are there any upgrades i can add to the rebuild for better gas mileage? Thanks for your Time.
1-6 of 6 Results