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  1. Skipping going up to speed or highway speed

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    So I had the issue of going up to speed it would skip a beat and feel like a cough. Well I took it to my mechanic and of course it didn't do it for them. They looked at my plugs and said that could be the issue so I replaced the plugs and it ran great for a few days and now it's back again but...
  2. 4.7 Engine Tick after replacing Lifters

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Replaced lifters the other day. During installation, plastic bits fell into head. I got as much out as possible, not sure if I removed all of it. 5 days have gone by and now I have a major tick out of no where. Pulled valve cover and far back lobe is scored. Pulled lifter and rocker, rocker...
  3. 4.7 mpg help

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    So I bought the V8 4x4 but I'm realizing that I wish I had bought a Prius. On highway I'm lucky to get 8mpg. It's a typical well maintained Colorado truck with about 155k miles. I was wondering what tips, fixes, anything that can help with mpg and maybe even power. Being a teen, I am open to...
  4. 2004 dodg dakota 4.7 slt EXHAUST/MUFFLER

    New Member Introductions
    Hey whats up guys i have a stock 4.7 liter dodge dakota slt club cab. It has the stock exhaust. But i want to make it loud and for it to sound mean and menacing , any suggestion on what should i do. Perhaps put a flowmaster? But i heard there not that loud. Some people say straight pipe 3...
  5. 01 dakota 4.7 running terrible

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    01 dakota 4.7 barely running, smells super rich. Was told it needed head gaskets, but have goodone compression and coolant system holds pressure. Has codes p0351 and p0356. Changed coil #1 to #7 with no change. Cyl #1 still no contribution. Any ideas where to go?
  6. p0208, and p1391 HELP!

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    So to start out, I have a 2000 Dakota with the 4.7 and 275k on it. It started running a little odd a few months ago. It would buck, or kick, when going up a hill or driving into a strong headwind (I live in KS, we have a lot of those!). The check engine light has always been on for one reason...
  7. 2001 Motorsports Dakota!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hi im new to the forum and ive been driving a Dakota for almost 3 years now and until now never had any problems out of it. Well upon doing some research i think i own one of the 1280 motorsports edition Dakotas made in 2001. Im just not for sure how to know for sure if it is a motorsports...
  8. E3 three prong spark plugs?

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    E3 three prong spark plugs good bad whats your guyses experience ?? Also do you have to gap them?
  9. Tranny problems???

    New Member Introductions
    So I have a 2001 4.7 4x4 83000 miles automatic trans. So I took it to my oil change shop and wanted my tranny flushed cuz I just bought it.. They said they "pulled the line and no fluid was being pumped" he thought my tranny pump was out. I thought it was interesting because it drives and...
  10. Thrush Muff with or without cat???

    Intake & Exhaust
    Just got a 2001 4x4 slt 4.7 and I want to change my exhaust I found a "thrush welded" that's a knock off flowmaster I want it to sound deep and louder then stock but not insane and annoying from inside the cab with the windows up!! Should I keep my Cat on? I do have to go through Washington...