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  1. Skipping going up to speed or highway speed

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    So I had the issue of going up to speed it would skip a beat and feel like a cough. Well I took it to my mechanic and of course it didn't do it for them. They looked at my plugs and said that could be the issue so I replaced the plugs and it ran great for a few days and now it's back again but...
  2. 1998 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab 4x4 for Sale (East Texas)

    1998 Dodge Dakota Ext. Cab 4x4 for Sale (East Texas)

    Replaced just about everything on this truck. Has a 70K used 318 in it now, as well as used transmission. 4x4 works great. Automatic. Asking 8K.
  3. '05 4x4 not going into 4 high or 4 low

    Hi Forum, Hoping to get a little direction on this repair before the snow starts falling in my area. Subject vehicle is a 2005 Dakota SLT 4x4, auto trans, 4.7L, 60k miles. The issue is it does not seem to be shifting into 4 high or 4 low from 2wd. The dash "4 high" or "4 low" lights...
  4. 04 Dakota 4x4 3.7L Engine Transfer

    Dodge Dakota Knowledge Base
    Hello Folks: I have an 04 Dakota 4x4 3.7L with an engine of 80K mi, but the body is dead due to rust that taking over the vehicle. I want to keep the engine, but want to know what other Dakota's it's compatible with. What trucks may I use?
  5. Dakota Durango chassis swap

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 03 Dakota 2wd and I want to convert it to a 4x4 by what iv read it's borderline impossible to just simply convert it so my next thought is putting it on a 4x4 chassis but I can't seem to find any for a reasonable price for what I want but I found a 4x4 Durango for pretty cheap so my...
  6. Kenne Bell Supercharged 2001 Dakota Club Cab

    Dodge Dakota For Sale - Used Dodge Trucks
    Hello, I'm testing the waters looking to sell my 2001 Dodge Dakota Sport Club Cab 4x4 truck. It has a 4.7 with a Kenne Bell Supercharger system and all the extras that go along with that: tuned shorty headers, locker in the rear differential, Optimiser I and II computers, Boost-a-Pump, Knock...
  7. NEWBIE 1987 Dodge Dakota, 4x4 V6 3.9L

    New Member Introductions
    Hi guys! My name is Zach, and I bought my Dakota a couple of months ago! Has about 140k original miles, engine somewhat rebuilt. So far I have replaced the CV joints and the thermostat. I know I have some work ahead of me, and am excited to see the help you all have to offer! Anyone else have...
  8. Need help removing front axles for oil pan gasket

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    I love everything about my Dakota. It's my first truck, and my first 4x4. It's a 2000 SLT w/ 3.9 Magnum V6. The oil pan seal is leaking up near the tranny. All of the instructions I've found say to remove and/or separate the axle shafts from the front differential, but never explain how to do...
  9. new dakota owner

    New Member Introductions
    hello. ive recently bought a 98 dakota sport 4x4 v6 5speed. it has some issues to work out but the main issue is the tcase is broke. the guy that had it before drove down interstate in 4wd and slung the front drive shaft and broke the front half of the case. it has the np231d case in it and was...
  10. 1994 dakota intermediate trans problem

    So just recently my 1994 dodge dakota 4x4 auto with 239k started to have some kind of intermediate issue. Started after drive it about 3 weeks ago. Was driving g fine then all of a sudden felt like it was in neutral. Rpms went up but speed decrease. Shut the truck down let it sit for a couple...
  11. 4x2 >>> 4x4

    Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    Hey everybody, I've got a 97 4x2 that I'm looking to convert to a 4x4. it's got the magnum 5.2 V8. Has anyone on here done a conversion like this? Any tips tricks or areas of concern?
  12. 4x4 problems

    I am looking at a 2004 dodge dakota 4x4 the owner is selling it for $2,400 with 158,000 km on it the truck has been threw the bush but i plan on doing the same with the truck. the only problem is the drive shaft that goes from the transfer case to the front differential is broken apparently the...
  13. Newbie special request- memorial for friends father

    New Member Introductions
    My friend recently came up with the idea of finding a toy model of a 96 dakota extended cab pickup; he wants this to be a memorial to his recently deceased father. I have a couple photos to show what it looked like. This means alot to him and I thought I would try to help him out. He is a very...
  14. looking to sas 93 dakota

    Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    i own an 93 dakota 4x4 and looking to put soild axle under it i have a donor truck which is 98 ram 1500 4x4. has anyone used axles from ram for sas if so pic please.. i just wont axles to stick out like crazy thanks
  15. Catalytic Converter removal

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Hey guys(and gals) I have a 1991 Dakota 3.9L NONMAGNUM V6, Auto, 4x4. My question is: If I cut the catalytic converter off and gut it and put it back on empty will the truck run or will it throw codes and not run at all or run poorly. I know some cars wont even run without them on. Has anyone...
  16. 1991 Dakota high idle when started

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    I have a 1991 3.9l Dodge Dakota, Auto, 4x4 and recently I noticed when I started the truck the engine immediately revs up to 2700-3000 RPM and slowly settled down within 4 or 5 seconds down to the proper "normal" idle. This is a very high idle for this truck and it doesn't sound good...
  17. 1991 Dakota high idle when started hot or cold start

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    I have a 1991 3.9l Dodge Dakota Auto 4x4 and yesterday I noticed when I started the truck the engine immediately reved up to 2500 RPM and slowly settled down within 4 or 5 seconds down to the proper "normal" idle. It hasn't done this before. Ive had a lot of problems with this truck in the...
  18. new to placerville, ca

    Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    I'm new to the placerville area and am wondering if there's any good shootable, drivable land in the area. I do know if I go not near French meadows there's a lot but what about some other spots? Just trying to get to know the place.:cool:
  19. Leveling kit??

    Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    I want to level out my front end WITHOUT F$&%^*£ WITH THE T BARS!!!! I have an 01 4x4 and want to level it out. However I can't find a kit to do it ! Also will I have to fuss with my steering ? If so I should just body lift it !!! Where can I find a kit I wanna run 31-32 10.50 and don't want it...
  20. Tranny problems???

    New Member Introductions
    So I have a 2001 4.7 4x4 83000 miles automatic trans. So I took it to my oil change shop and wanted my tranny flushed cuz I just bought it.. They said they "pulled the line and no fluid was being pumped" he thought my tranny pump was out. I thought it was interesting because it drives and...