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  1. Dodge Dakota For Sale - Used Dodge Trucks
    ‘93 Dakota for sale in Minneapolis, MN. Asking $500 OBO. 5 speed manual, rusty but trusty she runs great. I picked her up just about 6 months ago for project / utility truck, unexpectedly moving far away now so can’t hold on to her. Has 193,xxx miles. Has started reliably even on -25 F degree...
  2. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I'm 16 and have saved enough money to buy a truck. My dad had a 92 dakota years back and it was very reliable. He had the v6 with a 5spd. Had 180k before he sold it. Anyway, I am looking to buy my first car and someone at my dad's work has a 98 Dakota. It has the 3.9 v6, 5 speed, extended cab...
1-2 of 2 Results