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  1. 2002 Dakota 5.9 QC Weirdness

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Symptoms... Driving, randomly occurring issue: While driving, ABS & Brake light comes on with chime. 6 seconds later, ODO flashes 'no bus' 3 times, then solid. At this time, speedo and tach die. About 6-10 seconds later, all gauges die and Check Engine/Check Gauges lights come on. Truck keeps...
  2. 2002 5.9 Electrical Issues

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    We have a 2002 5.9 we have owned since 2004. 187k miles. Many years ago, weird things started happening, like the AirBag light suddenly came on and stayed on... and is still on. Also, the blinkers always blink fast... even though all bulbs are new. And... the trip odometer counts each whole...
  3. 1989/1990 5.9 swap radiator question

    Dodge Dakota Heating & Cooling Problems/Questions
    So long story short, I have a 2wd Dakota I bought as a parts truck for my 87 4x4, that I sold last year to get my current 99. I the truck has a bad engine and trans, bc I took the heads off for my 87. My question is does anyone know what size radiator I can put into the 2wd to work with an LA...
  4. 1993 dodge Dakota 5.9 swap

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 1993 dodge Dakota LE 3.9 4x4. I want to do a swap but it's hard finding anything that fits when you live on an island. Could you check out this craigslist link and let me know if it would fit? Also, what year, make, and model trucks have engines that can swap in? Thank you...
  5. a Heavy Half?

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Has anyone heard of a 2000 Dak with a 5.9 and a towing class of a "heavy half'? Looking to go buy this truck and the guy said its registered in a higher weight class because of the heavy half designation. it would be nice if this were true. ive just never heard of it. im hoping you guys can help...
  6. electrical problem

    New Member Introductions
    Ok so a week ago me and my wife moved to a new house. I rented a uhaul trailer to do it. Ever since then my truck has been having some issues. When I first get in it at the beginning of the day everything is fine. After about a minute of driving it, the doorlocks stop working, the a/c fans stop...