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  1. Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    I have a MTX thunder forms box for sale . I pulled it out of my 97 Dakota before I sold it. It is the non-amplified version with 2 10 inch subs. It sounds great and hits hard. Pics sent upon request , i cant figure out how to load them . $400 plus shipping.
  2. Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    Just sold my 2000 dodge Dakota and pulled out my custom MTX thunderform box. It holds two 10" subs and fits under the rear seat. adds awesome sound to the truck without the rattle. They sell for $350 on crutchfield. I will let it go for $200 obo and throw in the two 10" kenwood subs I had...
  3. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    I recently bought a 2006 dakota and it has the basic stock radio in it but I've been thinking about replacing it. I want XM but I like the stock look. So my question is, can I find a XM equipped stock radio and it just work or is there some extra work involved in making it work (for example a...
  4. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    Hey everyone. My 01 QC has some pretty blown speakers. I want to do a complete replacement (with new speakers not OEM). Anyone done this before? If so what size/type/brand speaker or just some general advice you could give me? Thanks a lot
1-4 of 4 Results