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  1. Lift kit help?

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    Not too long ago i bought a stock 2006 Dodge Dakota that i would like to take up on some trails. I would like to put some 33 inch tires one it, with a suspension lift kit but i could only find 1 online at "jackmyride.com" but it was out of my budget. Has anyone else lifted a Dakota from this...
  2. Bigger tires on the ole Dakota

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    Hello Friends. I have a question maybe someone could answer for me. I have a 2003 Dakota quad cab SLT 4x4 with the 4.7 v8. I put a 3" leveling kit on the front and back of the truck and now I am looking into putting bigger tires and rims on my truck. Stock is 16" rims with bfg 265/75R/16...