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  1. Clutch trouble

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Thanks in advance, here it is. 02 Dakota 4x4, 3.9L, NV 3500, 5 speed, 197k. Had a new clutch installed at a local shop with a AutoZone kit at Xmas time 2019. Since day one after the repair it has acted like it doesn't disengage when warm. When it's cold it's perfect but after some time and use...
  2. 2002 Dodge Dakota sport 3.9 v6 manual transmission 5 speed

    Dodge Dakota Knowledge Base
    Hello I am looking for a little help bleeding the master clutch cylinder and the slave cylinder I have pressure on the clutch pedal it will go into gear after I pull off I have to double clutch it to get in to another gear so far I can put it in one and two if I am sitting I can get three and...
  3. 2002 dodge Dakota sport extended cab 3.9 v6

    2002 dodge Dakota sport 3.9 v6 5 speed manual transmission: hello I recently replaced master clutch cylinder, slave cylinder, twice due to product defect, then I replaced the clutch followed everything to a t even when bleeding the hydraulic system then replaced the hydraulic line from the mater...
  4. Clutch Replacement, 96 2WD

    This week the throw-out bearing started SCREAMING! Clutch job is beyond me. Took it in, he did a whole clutch change, along with oil change, trans fluid change, universal joints and rear axle oil change/new plug. Grand total, with tax, $786. Got a lot done. The clutch kit alone was $224. Now I'm...