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  1. Headlight problems

    a few problems. 1. When I turn on the high beams, the fog lights go out but high beams don't come on. 2. I just replaced the headlight bulbs with a set that are one step above basic part. The left bulb flickers and the right bulb works fine. I switched the bulbs from left to right and...
  2. CTM Central timing module

    Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    In need of a ctm part number is 56049071AJ if anyone has one that still works im looking to spend about 50-150 please let me know if you guys have one :)
  3. Keyless Entry swap

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    What's good guys? I've got a hopefully quick question about my truck. Ill start with a little description. I've got a 2000 Dakota, Ext cab, 3.9L V6, 42RE trans, with cold air and a few other bells and whistles. Anyway, I bought a 99 parts truck to replace the transmission on my 2000, now I have...
  4. Instrument panel dimmer turns on dome light

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hi all - glad to finally find the Dakota experts. I love my 2000 Dakota Sport. Recently as it began to get darker earlier, when I turned up the brightness on the instrument panel, my dome light would come on. The dome light does not come on when the doors are opened. It's been 2 years since...