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  1. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    Both my seat levers controlling the reclining position are broke(as it not working, not broken off) Any ideas on how to fix this or do I need to buy the seat tracks. Mine is a Manual seat. Thanks Kim
  2. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 1993 dodge Dakota LE 3.9 4x4. I want to do a swap but it's hard finding anything that fits when you live on an island. Could you check out this craigslist link and let me know if it would fit? Also, what year, make, and model trucks have engines that can swap in? Thank you...
  3. 3.7L V6 Specific Topics
    Hello everyone, im new in this forum, my name is Francisco and have some problems with my dodge durango 2005 3.7L, the problem its when the car its cold the first 5 min the transmission work good and smooth, but after the 5 min or 2 stops, the first to second gear feel like kick or sound like...
  4. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Hi, I have a 1999 5.2L V8 dodge Dakota with 61000 miles on it and it's stuttering and shaking. I have an occasional problem where I start it and it doesn't idle for more than a second, but it starts right up. I usually get it to stay idled after I rev it to 4000 RPMS and slowly let the RPMS come...
  5. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Does anyone know where I can did a 4"-6" lift kit for a 1998 Dodge Dakota 4x4 v6? All I can find is the Tuff Country 5" lift but I was wondering if there was anything cheaper.. I am looking for more than a 3" leveling kit.. Any help would be appreciated..
  6. Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    i own an 93 dakota 4x4 and looking to put soild axle under it i have a donor truck which is 98 ram 1500 4x4. has anyone used axles from ram for sas if so pic please.. i just wont axles to stick out like crazy thanks
  7. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Hello, I have the 99' 5.2L V8. My bearing in the water pump went out, so I replaced the water pump. Now that that is said and done, it will not start. I checked to see if there was spark, and there is none. I replaced the spark plugs, battery (I had a dead cell), ignition coil, cap and rotor...
  8. New Member Introductions
    this is my eco-truck " LIL RED" 95' 2.5l4 MT 5s Vin G reg cab Dakota got her in 00-01' with 50k on the clock , she is currently at 269,000 miles after 15 years I do a little with aerodynamis and effecientcy...so this is/was a project for me a few years back to : reduce fuel cost protect...
  9. Dodge Dakota Knowledge Base
    Recently purchased one online through eBay from desdinovael. Cost was $25.62 after tax and shipping. The box itself Mopar part number CBXN P143 (which is?) Printed and taped to the wrapping around the FSM. Front cover. Rear cover. Side. Initial opening. So, since...
  10. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Super Dakota! (what was that red flash that just passed us!?) When I first bought my truck used in 2007, it was "ok" at best. Judging by the color and consistency of fluids, the previous owner had been pretty sparse on mechanical up-keep. Needless to say, I've been religious about my fluid...
  11. Dodge Dakota For Sale - Used Dodge Trucks
    '96 dakota extended cab V6 magnum There is rust on the hood and roof and some dents and scratches, that's how I got the truck 3in lowering blocks in the rear and LED lights in the bed, willing to take all that off if needed Asking $1000 obo I need the truck gone, I love it to death but I can't...
  12. New Member Introductions
    hi guys, im Nate and i have a 94 dakota with a 2.5 4cylinder. I'd love to put this truck on bags and be able to lay it out but for right now i dont have that kinda money or the time to build the frame right. so ive decided to static drop it and ive seen 2 or 3 trucks like mine with a 4 6 drop...
  13. New Member Introductions
    :D hey guys i just purchased a 91 2.5 i4 manual dodge dakota and would currently like to get it moving a little quicker and sound a little meaner. I know i should probably swap for a 318 but i really don't have the money for that and a new transmission are there any mods I can make to my i4...
  14. New Member Introductions
    hello im new to the site i came here to get howto's and info on my 1996 dodge dakota
  15. Suspension - Lifting
    I have a 1996 Dodge Dakota Sport 4x4 and so far am cursed with not being able to find a decent lift or suspension lift for that matter lol. Can anyone help me find one or have any good suggestions? Just looking to lift it 3", should be high enough for other tires.
  16. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    so, I currently don't own a vehicle at all and I'm looking at buying a dodge Dakota. My dad doesn't know how much it would be worth since it has a bunch of extra stuff with it and I don't know either. So I'm ask for your guys' input for how much it would be worth. The truck is a 2000 and yellow...
  17. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Idles fine in park but the min I put in gear wants to die! Can pump gas and that helps a little but not much won't go anywhere hardly and just wants to die need help ASAP please!!!!
  18. New Member Introductions
    hey everyone. im new to this whole thing but ive got a lot of answers from these things so ive decided to join. my problem is with my 2000 dodge dakota 4.7 magnum. it started and ran fine until out of the blue it wouldnt start. it has spark but no injector fire. it throws a code for the asd...
  19. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    is this worth it? I got him down to $100 http://sarasota.craigslist.org/pts/3083739853.html
1-19 of 26 Results