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  1. 1ST Generation Dodge Dakota: 1987 - 1996
    I have a 92' 5.2 4x4 and my fuel gauge hasn't worked unless its full since I got it. I'm not sure how to check the ground or the sending unit. Id like to fix it soon.
  2. new to your site

    afternoon folks, i am new to your site and first want to say hello. second, i have a 1988 Dakota, 3.9 2wd, i am looking for, if possible, a Mopar sending unit and pump. i have to part numbers and have scanned the net but cant even find a a aftermarket sending unit. seems they only used this set...
  3. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    The fuel gauge in my truck stopped working. My mechanic told me the sending unit is probably gone bad. I have been trying to locate a replacement fuel pump assembly for a 1990 Dakota with 3.9 V6 22 gallon tank. Dodge discontinued making the Fuel Pump Assembly and Sending Unit for this...
1-3 of 3 Results