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  1. head unit recommendations

    Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    I have a 98 Dakota and I'm planning on upgrading my head unit / stereo. I was wondering if anyone had good recommendations. I have no preference on brands but want to stay under 100. I like my bass, bluetooth, and aux inputs.
  2. 2006 stock head unit swap

    Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    I recently bought a 2006 dakota and it has the basic stock radio in it but I've been thinking about replacing it. I want XM but I like the stock look. So my question is, can I find a XM equipped stock radio and it just work or is there some extra work involved in making it work (for example a...
  3. Need suggestions for stereo in '04 dakota quad cab

    Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    Hey everyone. I just got my '04 dakota SLT quad cab last night (without the infinity system). I am looking to upgrade the stereo. I have an alpine CDE-123 headunit all ready that i'm going to be installing as soon as my wiring harness and dash kit come (looks like you have to take the whole dash...