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help with my dakota

  1. Question about trim levels and mods

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I bought a 2009 Dakota quad cab 4.7 v8 magnum SXT (flex fuel too if it makes a difference) last year and i am now looking to do some work on it but upon browsing i am asked to enter the trim level, there is rarely an option for SXT. ST, Larmine, Lonestar are the choices usually given but they...
  2. Lift Help!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey I'm new to the forum and a new Dakota owner! I just got a used 2007 Dakota SXT that I want to lift and put new wheels and tires on. I need some help on what kind of lift i should get and how much to lift it. Any advice helps! Thanks
  3. Help!! Truck not reading hear position.

    Hello. Problem started when trying to shift 06 dodge Dakota into great on a cold morning. Leaver clicked down 2 positions with out tranny shifting. Was unable to put in park and had to leave for work in a hurry. When I got back home the battery was dead. I tried shifting through the gears to see...
  4. Muffler Delete Question

    Intake & Exhaust
    Hi All! I plan on removing my muffler on my 04 dodge dakota and I wasint sure what to put on the end of the pipe since there will be no muffer? 1. Should I just leave it exiting right under the truck? I have heard its unsafe 2.OR Should I do a side exit and put a 45 degree tail pipe on the...
  5. 1988 Dakota...Help PLEASEEE!?

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Having trouble when at low RPMs. After I leave a redlight or when I am coming up my gravel drive way at a low RPM my truck is cutting out almost to the point of stalling but never stalls. First thought was a TPS sensor...bought and installed and nothing changed...does anyone has any idea or have...
  6. 1999 Dakota 5.2 4x4

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    2 weeks ago I swapped the heater core in my truck I was then able to put it all back together and it ran fine only problem was I left a vacuum hose off so i couldnt switch where the heat was blowing. also i was having problems with my head lights flickering on and off. so yesterday I take the...
  7. 1999 dakota 4x4,5.2 v8

    5.9L V8 Specific Topics
    1999 dakota 4x4,5.2 v8...funny fuel problems and messed tranny hey peoples hope everyone is good.i have a 99dakota 4x4,5.2 v8 and ive had the truck now for about 8 months and in december 2012 i put it in my driveway while in 4x4 and hit the gas hard to get in cause i didnt shovel she made it no...