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  1. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hey everybody, I have a 1996 Dakota 3.9L with a 5 speed. She’s got about 210,000 miles and is burning oil in 2 cylinders, so I was wanting to do a 318 swap soon and wanted to know what I’m getting myself into. So here are my questions: 1. Will the new 318 bolt up to my 5 speed trans? Will I...
  2. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hey im new to this site and i have a 4.7 V8 2000 Dakota and i need some advice and to generally learn about this truck. dont know much about it but willing to learn. I guess comment and ill give you my number to contact me.
  3. New Member Introductions
    I have a 2008 Dodge Dakota 4.7 Liter V8, great truck thing Grandma is haunting it. It has 60K miles on it and will die randomly about every 250-350 miles. Everything dies except for the electrical lights stay on radio and everything else. Then I have to stop put truck in park and take keys out...
1-3 of 3 Results