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  1. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Symptoms... Driving, randomly occurring issue: While driving, ABS & Brake light comes on with chime. 6 seconds later, ODO flashes 'no bus' 3 times, then solid. At this time, speedo and tach die. About 6-10 seconds later, all gauges die and Check Engine/Check Gauges lights come on. Truck keeps...
  2. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    I checked with lmc truck they don't cover the first gens, where can I get trim like OEM stripes side body moldings, and interior trim like door panels, headliners etc
  3. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    Has anyone tried swapping a Dakota seat from a newer model into the early 90's model? I have a 93 and would love to put a salvage seat from a newer truck dodge or not in if possible. This will need to be a bench seat.
  4. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    The armrest/pull handle on the driver's side door is loose on my 2005 Dakota making me afraid that I'll pull the panel completely loose someday. Is there a step by step or video of how to get in there and re-attach whatever comes loose in the door panel? I'm mildly mechanical, but I don't want...
1-4 of 4 Results