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  1. Hello

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    Hello from Milwaukee (North Dakotan temporarily trapped). I lost my 2000 last month. T-boned and totaled and only 260K on the clock! She was barely broken in! So now I've got a '07 and I'm looking for advice on the best solution to correct the nose-dive stance.
  2. 2008 Dakota Laramie 4WD... Leveling Kit...???

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    Hi All! I am looking for a good "Leveling Kit" for my 2008 Dodge Dakota Laramie Crew 4WD...??? Any recomendations...??? 2WD & 4WD same...??? Let me know... Thanks in advance! Gene
  3. Necessity of a 2’’ level lift when I install a 3’’ body lift

    I am about to install a 3'' body lift on my 2009 dakota but noticed a 2'' leveling lift is often sold with this kit. What is the purpose of a 2'' leveling lift when installing a 3'' body lift? Is the leveling lift neccesary? Thanks JimB.
  4. 2002 body lift or leveling kit?

    Trying to lift my 02 dak 4x4 but can't decide on a leveling kit or body lift kit. Any ideas which direction I should go? I know there is pros and cons of both but trying to get best bang for my buck without much trouble or issues down the road. thanks
  5. 2002 SLT body lift or leveling kit?

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    I would like to lift my 02 dakota but dont know what direction to go in, leveling kit or body lift? any pros or cons of either of them i should know about?
  6. Font leveling kit? Anyone done this?

    Suspension - Lifting
    Hello out there, I am looking into doing a front leveling kit on my truck. Any suggestions?