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  1. 1996 4 cylinder 5 speed thoughts

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hello all, I having been looking for a used truck to mess around with for some time. I happen to a nice little '96 Dakota with 110k miles. It is very stripped down (i.e. manual doors, locks, transmission etc.) I was wondering first of all are these good little truck? What are some common...
  2. Cannot find transmission. HELP!!!

    I have an 06 SLT 4.7L 4x4 with a six speed manual. While driving down the highway, the truck started to sputter. I put in the clutch and stuck it in neutral. Once I pulled over and stopped I took my foot off the clutch and it started moving backward. I can no longer shift it in to reverse and...
  3. Manual Transmission issue

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hey everyone. Yesterday I was driving down the highway and the transmission started wanting to go in reverse. I put the clutch in and got pulled off to the side of the road. While the stick was in neutral, when I would release the clutch, the truck would want to go in reverse. If I were to...
  4. 95 dodge dakota flywheel advice

    i am currently replacing the rear main seal and oil pan gasket and upon taking the flywheel off i noticed a tooth missing, i know its not that bad but i still want to replace it. first question is what is the best flywheel to replace it with that is stronger and will last longer?, second...