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  1. Intake & Exhaust
    Recently purchased a ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 318/360 from Chrome Intakes, an eBay seller I've dealt with before when purchasing one for an actual Jeep. Price: Came out to be $40 shipped via UPS, took 11 days including Sundays and holidays. The initial box it came in. Not beat up, in good...
  2. Intake & Exhaust
    Just inherited my grandpa's 1996 Dakota, in perfect condition and just under 98,000 miles. I love the sound of my dad's Flowmaster on his 2001 Silverado, and wanted to see about getting one for my truck. Any opinions/advice? (not a whole lot on YouTube/Google for my exact model) Also, I'm new...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Was wondering if installing a dual twin air intake on my 2006 Dakota would lead to any noticeable increase in performance. Would live to get some opinions before I spend any money on one.
  4. Computers and Powertrain Control Modules
    I recently bought a SCT tuner from Sean at Hemifever, and I couldn't tell a difference in the trucks performance except now it doesn't shut off at 100mph. With the 3 tunes it comes with 87, 91, and 93 there isnt a difference between them. my friend has a cheap superchip flaspaq that made his...
1-4 of 4 Results