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  1. Any Advice

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I turn my truck off after coming from grocery store it sits for 5 minutes I start pouring distilled water into my radiator reservoir and all of a sudden steam comes pushing out into the air non stop also before this I flushed the radiator so it should be 50% flushed of any other coolant I had in...
  2. Diagnostics - Air, Fuel, Spark

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Engines need a few things to run; air, fuel, and spark. But to run properly engines also need to have a good amount of control over these; timing, throttle position, crank position, emission, and pressure. Throw all those into a basket and you get your ECU reading all the sensors on the...
  3. Blinkers and radio shorting out at the same time, help?

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    About 5 months ago, my radio cut out while I was driving. It came back on not even seconds later. It did it again a week later, and it didn't come back on for a few minutes. The second time I noticed my blinkers weren't working, either. They weren't coming on inside or outside. I ignored it...
  4. HID Problem! :/

    Hello Forum Buddies, So as my first mod I decided to put in 10000k HID's. So I put the HID's in with a relay harness and they work, but we have a small annoying problem. I think its safe to say that the size of our bulbs are H13. My HID functions are switched. My night driving lights are the...