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  1. Driveline
    I'm restoring my 92 and among other things I'm looking to swap the differential to a limited slip diff but I have no idea where to start or what info I need to find the right set-up. It'd be nice to get rid of the bottleneck of power to just one wheel in the rear. Any tips or adivce is greatly...
  2. Driveline
    For the front and rear differentials. Is there a specific fluid I should be using for both or does each differential use a different fluid? Should I be cautious about synthetic/ full synthetic gear oils? Which brand is most reputable? Any information is greatly appreciated.
  3. Driveline
    Hey y'all, I have a 96 Dakota sport 318 regular cab 4X4 5 speed. I am looking to replace the spider gears in the rear end. 8.25 3.55 lsd/trak lok. Any ideas on where to get a kit? Thanks in advance.
  4. Driveline
    I have an 88 Dakota frame under my classic pick up. Was a V6 2wd. I have swapped for a 318 and want to upgrade to a posi or limited slip differential. Is there one from another Dakota or Durango I could use either swapping the whole rear end or just the center section? Haven't really looked...
  5. Driveline
    Hello, I am new to this forum and looking for some help, My Brother in Law has a 2000 Dodge Dakota 4x2 4.7L, It was running fine until recently, They took it into the shop to find that the rear differential is busted and needs to be replaced. I don't know that much about the vehicle, but the...
1-5 of 5 Results