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shifting issues

  1. 2001 Dakota 42RE Shift Problem/s

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    First off Hello Everyone and Thanks for welcoming me to your group. I have a 2001 Dakota 3.9 4 speed automatic w/od (42RE). Recently after the fluid is warm or up to pressure, it starts to shift funny. It starts with a hard downshift then from there 1-2 and 2-3 won't shift until I reach 3k...
  2. Help!! Truck not reading hear position.

    Hello. Problem started when trying to shift 06 dodge Dakota into great on a cold morning. Leaver clicked down 2 positions with out tranny shifting. Was unable to put in park and had to leave for work in a hurry. When I got back home the battery was dead. I tried shifting through the gears to see...
  3. shifting problems

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 96 dodge dakota 318 and the transmission is acting weird. When I am just driving it it Shits fine but when I beat on it it shifts into second but then it doesn't want to shift out of scond until I let off the gas. When it doesn't shift it just hits 5200 and the tac just bounces and you...
  4. Shifting problems.

    When I get into my truck and take off sometimes my truck will not shift out of 2nd gear. I can almost redline the truck and it still will not shift, I can drive it around for a few minutes at low speeds and eventually it will shift and then be fine. Other days, like this morning, I can go to...
  5. 01 dakota problems.... HELP

    New Member Introductions
    Let me start by introducing myself...hello all my name is Curtis I'm new to the board and new to owning a dodge. Ill start from the beginning. About two weeks ago I was looking for a smaller truck to run me back and forth to the jobsite.I came across a 2001 Dakota v6. 42Re tranny. I went to...
  6. '98 3.9 wont down shift

    New Member Introductions
    Hey to all, First time posting on this. I am having a problem with my 1998 Dakota 3.9 that won't down shift on the highway. When i am getting on the highway i know it's in 5th gear. Then i press harder on the gas to get it to accelerate faster and it doesn't down shift, the transmission...