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  1. 1994 dakota intermediate trans problem

    So just recently my 1994 dodge dakota 4x4 auto with 239k started to have some kind of intermediate issue. Started after drive it about 3 weeks ago. Was driving g fine then all of a sudden felt like it was in neutral. Rpms went up but speed decrease. Shut the truck down let it sit for a couple...
  2. 95 dakota no overdrive

    I have looked this tranny up I think its a 46rh, it shifts once my revs at 55 are about 2500 which I think is third gear, mash the gas in gravel wheels spin no problem, do it on pavement it sloops let off and wait a moment or two accelerateit stops sslipping, fluid is in good condition, red...
  3. tranny problems -_-

    hello! first timer to this site and to forums in genreal but i need the publics help! i recently bought a 97 dakota sport. 5.2 4wd lifted 6in on 33's and was driving great then i noticed slipage:confused:. If i put the truck into D it will sound like a greyhound bus trying to take off with no...
  4. Late transmission shift in first gear

    So my truck has been a plethora of problems since I got it. First I had to have the engine rebuilt because of damaged pistons, then it needed to be tuned because it was bored out and the PCM wasn't allowing enough fuel. While it was being tuned the transmission gave out. Now I rebuilt the...
  5. my transmission is acting up???

    i have a 98 dakota rt with the 46re trans, well while driving nearly everytime it has trouble shifting in to 3rd gear. rpms will not shoot up like its slipping but rather just hold 2nd gear... i have to let off the gas then it will shift. then sometimes not i have to pop into "N" then back...