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  1. Overdrive not working

    I have a 1992 Dakota v8 4x4 with automatic overdrive transmission. Recently it felt sluggish taking off from a stop as if it was stuck in 3rd. I replaced the "Transmission control solenoid"...
  2. no crank

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I was on my way home from work. As I was driving with the radio on all of a sudden everything went off and I heard of static pop through my speakers and then everything came back on. The engine kept running. When I got home and parked it I thought something might be wrong so I tried to restart...
  3. 09 Dakota Transmission Bumps in Reverse

    When my Reverse gear is engaged and I am holding the break or push on the gas, my truck jerks/bumps. This happens only sometimes though. I have taken it in before and my Solenoid A was pretty much "mush". They replaced it, I went on my way, Warranty ran out...And here I am with the returned...