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  1. Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    I have a MTX thunder forms box for sale . I pulled it out of my 97 Dakota before I sold it. It is the non-amplified version with 2 10 inch subs. It sounds great and hits hard. Pics sent upon request , i cant figure out how to load them . $400 plus shipping.
  2. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    Hi guys. I just picked up a 1995 single cab with the 3.9. I love it and all, but I'm not liking how it only has speakers behind the bench. I was wondering if there is a good place in the front of the cab where I can fit a pair of descent speakers. I'm also open to finding custom dashes that...
  3. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    i just bought a 1998 dodge dakota rt, well i bought a kenwood aftermarket radio and cut the factory dash connectors off to hardwire the radio into the truck, well the radio powers up but i have no sound coming thru my speakers, withe the factory radio i had the speakers worked fine, didnt...
  4. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    Hey everyone. I just got my '04 dakota SLT quad cab last night (without the infinity system). I am looking to upgrade the stereo. I have an alpine CDE-123 headunit all ready that i'm going to be installing as soon as my wiring harness and dash kit come (looks like you have to take the whole dash...
1-4 of 4 Results