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  1. New Member Introductions
    Greetings folks Just got a 2007 4 door sport! Looking to make some mods and any help would be great! Lighting for my box? Rear back up camera (just Incase the wife drives it) Best place to put subs and I will be using the back seats for when I have to lug the kids around. I head that...
  2. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    I'm curious as to what the views are with and against the console type enclosures. I have a few layouts which I think may solve problems but never even seen one in action. :confused: I think if there were two down firing eight inch subwoofers instead of the two tens that fit comfortably behind...
  3. Audio, Video, Multimedia and Security
    Hey everyone. I just got my '04 dakota SLT quad cab last night (without the infinity system). I am looking to upgrade the stereo. I have an alpine CDE-123 headunit all ready that i'm going to be installing as soon as my wiring harness and dash kit come (looks like you have to take the whole dash...
1-3 of 3 Results