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  1. Suspension
    Replacing ball joint but will also need to replace upper control arm on passenger side does anyone know the best place to get one??
  2. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    I recently changed my ball joint but got the join stuck in the steering knuckle, can anyone help me find an oem steering knuckle or any kind of replacement?
  3. Suspension
    I looking for the best option to lift my truck. I heard that switching the leaf spring to the be on top of the axle on the rear and placing the spring spacer on the front is a good and cheap option but does that affect highway driving, stability or safety in anyway??? Thanks in advance
  4. Suspension
    Hello! Recently the holes for the caliper pins stripped out on my steering knuckle,. To repair them my dad and I were going to use heely coils, but he tapped the hole the wrong way, and unless I take it to a machine shop I don't know if Ill be able to repair it. I looked for an OEM part, but...
  5. Suspension
    2005 Dakota st rwd. Replaced: Upper and lower control arms (complete with/bushings & ball joints) Quick struts (complete w/springs and mounts) Inner & outer tie rods Rear shocks Front/rear sway bar links Front sway bar bushings I'm sure there was more but can't remember. Also had front end...
  6. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    Good evening! I've noticed a pull to the right when braking, so I pulled the driver's side tire and found the rotor and caliper covered in a slick film. Obviously this brake has been rendered ineffective; however, I'm not sure where to begin looking for the culprit. Brake fluid is where it...
  7. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    hey everybody I'm doing a bit of work on my 06 Dakota SLT 4X4 changing rear leaf springs, shocks and struts. does anyone know what the torque specs are on the respective bolts including front ball joints and tie rods. any help would be appreciated thanks and any advice on removing leaf spring bolts
  8. Suspension
    First time poster. I have 2008 Dakota with around 116,000 miles. it's starting to get pretty stiff, even very light bumps in the road bounce the truck pretty good. I'm looking for suggestions for new suspension parts to make the ride smoother. I do live in northern Minnesota so too smooth could...
  9. Suspension
    Diagnosing suspension issues, among all of the other procedures in finding out why a vehicle isn't doing what it should, is much easier. In suspension and steering, figuring out the problems are pretty easy since there are only a few variables that can cause a component to work incorrectly...
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello guys! This is the first forum I've ever joined. From what I've seen so far it seems that this was the best one for Dakota lovers. I have a 4 door 2wd 2000 Dakota with a 4.7. I bought it used and it came with a Flowmaster and a 3 inch Fabtec lift. It also has a sunroof, which I found out...
  11. Suspension - Lowering
    I just got my Dakota and I need to lower the front. I wanna know the best/cheapest way to do it. I want to go as low as I possibly can. I found 3in lowering springs for a 97 and I wanted to see if they would work on my truck cause I have no idea. PLEASE HELP ME :( :confused:
  12. Suspension - Lifting
    I have a 2011 Dakota. I'm gonna do a leveling kit on the front but can't decide between 2.5 or 3 inches. Leaning towards 3 but I'm curious if anyone has run into any problems at that height? Also, ever purchased from Summit Engineering or Supreme Suspensions? Both on ebay. Reviews seem to be...
  13. Suspension
    I am about to install a 3'' body lift on my 2009 dakota but noticed a 2'' leveling lift is often sold with this kit. What is the purpose of a 2'' leveling lift when installing a 3'' body lift? Is the leveling lift neccesary? Thanks JimB.
  14. Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    I just recently purchased my 2000 Dakota 4x4. I'm wanting to fit 33s or more but I can't seem to find a suspension lift anywhere. Any help?
  15. New Member Introductions
    Hello, A Newbie here. My 07 dakota 4.7L 4x2 recently hit 60,000 and it seems like everything is going bad at once...:mad: I have had tie-rod ends and lower ball joints recently replaced and it seems now the one front strut is bad. I was looking for some info on what it would take to replace it...
  16. Suspension - Lifting
    Any one have any suggestions on what kind of coil overs i should get? I was thinking racerunner but im not too sure. Im mostly looking for quality but not way expensive. Also i have an extended cab and idk if i should get tha 2.0 or 2.5. Any feed back helps.
  17. New Member Introductions
    I just got info on a complete lift for my dakota you can call 1-800-842-8789 ext 206. Ask for Yuri. You can email him at [email protected] I talked to him he was easy to work with and he has emailed me all the info about the kit. i am looking at a 6.5in lift for about $2300. I will be getting...
1-17 of 17 Results