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  1. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    My drivers seat belt buckle (where it latches into) is all fallen apart, still clicks into the buckle but the plastic housing is off of it so it's just a skeleton. Wondering if anyone has swapped a rear buckle insert up to the front and if that would work? Doubt I'll ever have anyone riding in...
  2. Dodge Dakota Heating & Cooling Problems/Questions
    So long story short, I have a 2wd Dakota I bought as a parts truck for my 87 4x4, that I sold last year to get my current 99. I the truck has a bad engine and trans, bc I took the heads off for my 87. My question is does anyone know what size radiator I can put into the 2wd to work with an LA...
  3. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 03 Dakota 2wd and I want to convert it to a 4x4 by what iv read it's borderline impossible to just simply convert it so my next thought is putting it on a 4x4 chassis but I can't seem to find any for a reasonable price for what I want but I found a 4x4 Durango for pretty cheap so my...
  4. Driveline
    Hey guys hows it going, ive got a quit question regarding the flex plate for the 5.2 318. i have a 318 from a 99 dakota and im swapping my 2003 dakota currently with the 3.9, i purchased a flywheel for the 5.2 and totally forgot about the flex plate, will i be able tog et away with out or with...
  5. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    We've got two 99 Dakotas, one is a V8 318 with an automatic transmission and the other is a V6 with a 5-speed manual transmission. The V8 has a bad frame but good motor, the V6 has a bad motor but good frame. We were wondering if we could take out the V6 (manual) and replace it with the V8...
  6. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 1993 dodge Dakota LE 3.9 4x4. I want to do a swap but it's hard finding anything that fits when you live on an island. Could you check out this craigslist link and let me know if it would fit? Also, what year, make, and model trucks have engines that can swap in? Thank you...
  7. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hi I am doing a 5.2 magnum swap (engine is the same year as my truck)with a aftermarket intake and carb and i am planning on using the original transmission (auto)for now. Does anyone know if i will have any problems with the transmission working with the carb vs fuel injection? Any tips will be...
  8. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Hi I just got a 5.2 318 magnum to put in my dakota. I also got a 4 barrel intake for it and i want to put it on with a 4 barrel carb but I have a few questions. 1: i know the transmission will bolt up but will it work with the carb instead of fuel injection. and also is their any problems i...
  9. 5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    I have a 2003 dodge dakota 3.9 5 speed that someone swapped out to a 5.2 from 2000. I was told by the dealer where it's at that the computer is from an automatic so won't work. Can it be reprogrammed to work for a 5 speed ? If not what year 5 speed ecm can I get that will work ? Thanks
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys first time on a forum not to sure how everything works, just started working on truck and really learning about how everything really works about a year ago, I've had a 4.3 Chevy s10, Dakota rt, and now I've got myself a little 2003 3.9l 5 speed Dakota, now my plans are to either build...
  11. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    im starting this thread to see if anyone has information regarding an a230 3 speed mopar duster trans into theyre dakota. any information regarding this swap like how to's fabrication ect. Sounds lime a gnarly set up since in 74 there was a 360 running them im the dusters.
  12. Driveline
    I have a 1987 Dakota 4x4 with a 3.9 V6 and automatic transmission. I want to swap in a 318 with a manual transmission, but I am not sure what transmission I should use.
  13. Driveline
    I just bought my second Dakota today and I have some questions. My first one is a '95 Dakota Sport std. cab V6 automatic. I bought it in Dec. '02 for $4000 with 102k miles on it. It now has 137k miles, rust holes in the driver side both in the cab and the rear wheel well and a very large dent in...
  14. Driveline
    I'm looking at replacing the 5 speed manual transmission on my 91 2.5L 4 cyl, but i've only found a few used ones out there. There seems to be one in pretty good shape (for it's years) nearby, but it's listed on car-parts.com that it came off a 3.9 V6. Will it be compatible? Or do I need to...
  15. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I threw a rod in my 2000 3.9 and can get a 2003 3.9 replacement. Can I use my same intake, electrical and exhaust?
  16. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    i need to know IF its possible, and if so what kind of modifications i would have to make to put a 5.2l v8 engine into a 1989 dodge dakota with a 3.9l v6 engine in it, need some assistance soon, im ordering the new engine very soon, much abliged
1-16 of 16 Results