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  1. 2.2L/2.5L I4 Specific Topics
    The original tire size for my truck is 195/75/R15. those dont exist anymore so I put on 215/75/R15. according to this ( https://tiresize.com/speedometer-calibration/ ) at 60mph on my gauge I should actually be travelling at 63. but the speed Im actually going is 69mph if my gauge is at 60. I...
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey I'm new to the forum and a new Dakota owner! I just got a used 2007 Dakota SXT that I want to lift and put new wheels and tires on. I need some help on what kind of lift i should get and how much to lift it. Any advice helps! Thanks
  3. Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    I am a '03 owner in the Fredricksburg/Richmond Virginia Area. I have four 6 lug 32" offloading tires and the rims to go with it. The tires are Firestone and used but still in good shape. The rims are in really good shape as well. I also have four unused, still in the boxes, 1 1/4" spacers. I...
  4. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 2011 Bighorn 2wd extended cab. I'm looking into lowering it, and doing a bunch of cosmetic work to my baby. My stepdad bought the truck in April of 2014 with 6,800 miles. In March of 2015 he suffered a stroke and is no longer able to drive it. In December of 2015, when my beloved 1995...
  5. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    hello all, im new to the forum and am struggling with navigating though it. i was wondering if 265 75 16 goodyear duratracs would fit under my 05 4x4 dakota. its stock height and i just bought it and plan on lifting it but need to get tires now and i want to know if i can get the ones i want...
  6. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have a 2003 Dak 4x4 3.9L single cab. I have a stock lift with 16 wheels with stock tires. I want to go to a larger tire, considering 31s without a lift. Has anyone done this and know whether there is any rubbing at all? Also looking at 3 different tires, Bridgestone Destination A/T, Toyo...
  7. Dodge Dakota Parts and Accessories for Sale/Trade
    If anyone is interested I buying some tires I have some 35x12.5 inch mud and snow tires for sale. They are a 6x4.5in bolt pattern. I'm asking $1000. Call or text Ralph at 916-477-6254.
  8. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I recently bought a 2002 Dakota and I'm looking to get larger wheels and lift it but I am unsure of the sizes that will work along with what profile will not affect my speedometer. Any help is great!!
  9. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, I'm a newb to the forum and to the whole truck thing in general. Just got my 2006 Dakota in January and have recently been making steady progress with the upgrades to her. So far I have done the following: 1) Added a set of 265/70r17s Nitto Terra Grapplers 2) Added a set of MB...
  10. Suspension - Lifting
    Hello I have a 2005 dodge dakota 3.7L v6. 2WD I am thinking about buying the rough country 2.5" leveling kit that they have for $200. .or. I was also wondering if I could go to a pick and pull/junkyard and buy suspension parts from a bigger truck...
  11. Product Reviews
    I bought some new Toyo A/T 2s 3 months back . They look great, aggressive tread pattern and aggressive sidewall. They are geat they take on anything I throw at them mud they are awesome rocks awesome (didn't rock crawl just some heavy river shore rock) they are geat in fresh powder snow but in...
  12. Dodge Dakota 4X4 - Off Road Discussion
    I just recently purchased my 2000 Dakota 4x4. I'm wanting to fit 33s or more but I can't seem to find a suspension lift anywhere. Any help?
  13. Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    I have a 2001 dodge Dakota 4x4 with a 5 speed and it has the 4.7 in it. I want to lift it a little bit but I dont want to do a body lift. the only lift I've seen is a 3 inch suspension lift from rancho? However it's like 1800 bucks and it's discontinued. does anyone know a lift kit of any size...
  14. Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    What is the largest 18''tire I can use on my stock 08 Dakota?
  15. Suspension - Lifting
    so i just got the 3 in body lift for my 2001 dodge dakota 4x4. so i have 2 questions.1) what is a good method to put my brushgaurd on what have other people done and 2) Can i put 35in tires on my truck? thank you
1-15 of 15 Results