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  1. Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Got a 2003 4x4 dakota. What is the recommended OBDLink app to run? Tried torque, but it only will show gps spped, obd spped in kph. Need mph. Tried the mpg option and it said 40mpg????? Dont think so. Liked the large displays though.
  2. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hello, New to this form, and hope for some assist in solving a continuing problem with my 2002 Dakota four door 2 wheel drive truck with the 4.7 Liter engine. The truck is at 185,000 miles. The vehicle developed a skip and still has a skip. Miss fire codes indicated the #1 cylinder primary...
  3. Computers and Powertrain Control Modules
    Was wondering if anybody else has the bluetooth adapter for obdII plug and the torque app on their smart phones? i just got mine today and was messing with it, seems pretty cool, still learning the features of it. while i was driving i was thinking it would be pretty handy when doing small...
1-3 of 3 Results