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  1. 2005 Dakota Transmission Problem, Transfer case?

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    I recently bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota 3.7l 4x4 from a auction. It came with the drive shaft off. I got it home put the drive shaft back on tried to drive it and the truck will not move it acts like it wants move in drive but it acts like the motor is under stress. When put in reverse it make a...
  2. Humming/whining in 4WD

    I have an 04' dakota 4x4 with the 4.7L. I noticed over the past few months that there is a humming/whining sound when driving in 4high. It is loudest at about 35 mph and does not change when I shift to neutral at that speed. It does not seem to be tied to load on the engine or RPM, but rather...
  3. 2h won't work

    Hey all, I have a '94 dakota 3.9 L. and I just had a backyard mechanic "fix" my Transfer case. It works fine in 4h and 4l but in 2h it just makes a whirring, grinding noise and wont move. I've tried adjusting the linkage lots of times and tried disengaging the linkage and shifting it right from...
  4. Dakota stalls out when I engage 4wd

    Hey all, I just purchased a 1997 Dodge Dakota recently for $700. It is absolutely beautiful and body is in perfect condition. Now when I got it the transmission had gone out on the last owner. He did have a new tranny for it but it was in the bed and the old had already been removed. Well I...
  5. Transfer Case?

    Hi i have an 02 Dodge Dakota, recently i get a clicking noise when going in reverse here and there. My dad who used to be a mechanic thinks that the computer for the 4wd is having a mind of its own and cant decide whether to put it in 4wd or 2wd... is this it? I unplugged the actuator today...