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  1. Driveline
    Hi All, I have a 94 dakota, 3.9L, V6, RWD, daily driver. The automatic transmission is a 42RH per the dodge shop manual and is stock and was overhauled several years ago. I noticed yesterday a sudden change in that the shifting pattern has changed to a spongy or sluggish action. Its not as...
  2. Driveline
    I have a 1991 2wd Dakota with the 3.9l and a500 trans in it that's no good. I just aquired a 1995 Dakota with the 3.9l magnum v6 and a 42RH transmission I was told is good. I noticed different connectors on the tail shaft. Will this tranny bolt into my 1991 truck without major issues. Thank you...
1-2 of 2 Results