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transmission problems

  1. Transmission Issues??!?!?

    hey everyone im new to this site and I have a 1993 red dodge Dakota 3.9 liter v6, I am having issues with the transmission most likely, when cruising about 50mph it doesn't want to accelerate. it will act like its in neutral and I hear something rattling when I hit the gas and try to accelerate...
  2. Help, Unidentified Transmission Problem

    Ive got a 95 dakota V6 3.9L Auto, The other day i pulled into my garage and heard a new sound, the noise sounds like its coming from infront of the drivers seat. it sounds like a combination of 2 sounds, a clicking noise and a noise that resembles shaking a bag of sand. the noise is ONLY when...
  3. 95 dakota no overdrive

    I have looked this tranny up I think its a 46rh, it shifts once my revs at 55 are about 2500 which I think is third gear, mash the gas in gravel wheels spin no problem, do it on pavement it sloops let off and wait a moment or two accelerateit stops sslipping, fluid is in good condition, red...
  4. or off issue

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I had no overdrive on my way home from paying it off today, well the od off switch was down behind the trim panel I pulled it up after removing the trim piece I pressed the button and it didn't light up so I took a test light and probed all 5 terminals and koeo or engine running no power...
  5. Transmission slipping - Error P0740

    Evening folks, Had this awesome '04 sxt for a year so far and finally had an issue today...a big one. Was driving on the freeway when a few things happened: -While in gear, the transmission wouldn't transmit power, almost like I was in neutral. Then randomly it would catch and high RPMs...
  6. Transmission Fluid Temp indicator light

    Dodge Dakota Heating & Cooling Problems/Questions
    Hey all, I have a 2006 Dodge Dakota 4x4 quad cab with just over 80,000 miles on it. About 7 months ago the transmission temperature light started coming on at what seemed random times while driving, both highway and in town. I brought it to a dealership and they held it for two days, charging...
  7. 99 Dakota 3.9l 2wd transmission

    I have a trans. issue. I took my old trans out and on the bell housing it is stamped "248-1". My new trans is stamped "248-2", now my question is are they compatible with each other without reprogramming the ecu?
  8. shifting problems

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I have a 96 dodge dakota 318 and the transmission is acting weird. When I am just driving it it Shits fine but when I beat on it it shifts into second but then it doesn't want to shift out of scond until I let off the gas. When it doesn't shift it just hits 5200 and the tac just bounces and you...
  9. 94 4x4 Transmission problems

    I've got a problem with the transmission. In 1st gear it's okay. From 1st to second it slips. There's no overdrive at all. Should I just change the fluid and filter? Or is there a solanoid that needs to be replaced? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Late transmission shift in first gear

    So my truck has been a plethora of problems since I got it. First I had to have the engine rebuilt because of damaged pistons, then it needed to be tuned because it was bored out and the PCM wasn't allowing enough fuel. While it was being tuned the transmission gave out. Now I rebuilt the...
  11. 01 automatic won't go into reverse

    I was driving home one night and the check gages light came on. The battery voltage was all the way down. The RPMs would go up but it would take a while to go into gear and would have low torque. The next day I started it up and there was a slight shaking noise. The battery voltage was fine and...
  12. 2002 sxt 4x4 tranny problems

    Just bought a 2002 dakota sxt 4x4 a few weeks back. Has 101k miles, exterior is in great shape so I don't think it's been beat too much. Anyways, I've noticed the transmission has been a little off since I got it it likes to shift somewhat hard into gear and you have to hit the gas pretty good...
  13. Having trouble with my 98 dakota

    New Member Introductions
    just recent bought a 98 dakota from my future brother in law. 213,556 miles on the 3.9L magnum v6. 4x4. Transmission was supposedly rebuilt in a shop before purchase.had a slight leak before i brought it home which we repaired. On the way home check engine light came on and oil pressure dropped...
  14. Engagement problem

    I have a 5.2 liter 4x4 auto. After the truck warms up it doesn't like to go into drive and reverse. It makes the truck rock when I try it. Once in gear it doesn't like to move. Dropped pan checked filter, very very little shavings. Color was dark. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?
  15. Transmission/transmission pan/exhaust problems

    5.2L V8 Specific Topics
    Here's the deal: I have an auto 94 v8 dakota. It goes into gear hard and doesn't want to shift. I brought it into the garage yesterday to find out that the exhaust pipe rests right on the transmission pan front bolts. Someone cobbled glasspacks onto it but I don't understand how the pipe rests...
  16. Losing power when acellerating

    My 2007 Dakota has been acting up lately. When I hammer the gas to pass someone, beat a yellow light or climb a hill, my truck is staying in it's current gear and not shifting as it should, to give me the momentum that I need. I have a video of the dash here that shows the RPM's skyrocket, but...
  17. Newbie hello - jpc Dodge Dakota 2006

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    The transmission temp warning light comes on sporadically . I turn the engine off and turn it back on and it goes away. This makes me think that it' s the sensor and not truly overheating. What is involved in replacing the sensor. 4.7 engine, automatic transmission
  18. Transmission is Whistling

    I have an '03 Dakota Sport v6 3.9L. For the last few months I've had a strange issue with the Transmission making a whistling sound. This seems to only happen in the coldest weather - Usually under 40F. It doesn't happen constantly but I do notice it at certain speeds - e.g. 35mph and...
  19. 95 dakota 5.2 4x4 trans stuck in nuetral

    The truck has for about 3-4 months been sometimes going into first at take off but usually starting in 2nd. Exept last friday the thing went into nuetral while driving and only after turning it off/on a few times would it go into gear. Now it will not go into gear at all. I am looking into the...
  20. '98 3.9 wont down shift

    New Member Introductions
    Hey to all, First time posting on this. I am having a problem with my 1998 Dakota 3.9 that won't down shift on the highway. When i am getting on the highway i know it's in 5th gear. Then i press harder on the gas to get it to accelerate faster and it doesn't down shift, the transmission...