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  1. 2005 Dakota Transmission Problem, Transfer case?

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    I recently bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota 3.7l 4x4 from a auction. It came with the drive shaft off. I got it home put the drive shaft back on tried to drive it and the truck will not move it acts like it wants move in drive but it acts like the motor is under stress. When put in reverse it make a...
  2. The sad life of my Dodge Dakota transmission

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Around this time last year I bought a 1991 Dodge Dakota 3.9V6 with 4 spd (Automatic) trans. At the time and until two days ago i was running on the idea that the previous owner had done the normal Maintenance schedule on the vehicle before parking it on '03. Little did i know ,It seems that he...
  3. 05 4.7 Automatic Transmission unwilling to shift

    I've got a 2005 dakota SLT 4.7 V8 4x4 with a 45rfe transmission. I recently broke 90k miles. I was casually driving down the road when the truck suddenly shifted hard and my check engine light came on. Since then i have discovered my truck has entered a failsafe mode. The truck will not...
  4. HELP!! Stalling!

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Hey guys I'm back lol! Whenever my truck is coming to a stop and go situation (say, traffic, red lights, etc..) if I pat the gas and let off, it almost stalls completely out. Well, and as it's either gearing down or whatever when stopping it jerks as if something is trying to push me forward...
  5. When coming to a stop, tries to stall..

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Truck starts just fine and for the most part it runs great ( with the exception of it have 0 power lol.. like when i kick it down, it doesn't rev very high it just slowly picks up speed. any idea?) anyways, i just got this truck and am trying to fix it back to tip top shape as best i can. My...
  6. 45rfe transmission problems

    I just replaced my transmission oil pressure senor/switch it had 0700 and 0841 before I replaced the switch .then drove fine until a few days ago it started shift really hard only in 2nd gear .no codes now or nothing does anyone know what's wrong with it thanks
  7. shutter at 40mph going out of overdrive

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Forum, bought a 2005 Dodge Dakota SLT this summer and love it. I still have my BWM 325xi but have only put ~100 miles on it since. My Dakota I bought with 216K. Now at 230K miles and runs great. I have the 8-cylinder 4.7L and love the power. However, lately I get a shutter at around...
  8. Engine swap?

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    We've got two 99 Dakotas, one is a V8 318 with an automatic transmission and the other is a V6 with a 5-speed manual transmission. The V8 has a bad frame but good motor, the V6 has a bad motor but good frame. We were wondering if we could take out the V6 (manual) and replace it with the V8...
  9. 06 dakota 3.7 4wd - transmission removal tips

    Unfortunately my transmission went out last week. The problem I'm having is, I can find very little on the 42rle trannies. Other than I should have had a 2nd Trans cooler installed with it. I have a guy that is gonna rebuild it for 900. I'm taking it out and to him, I have a Trans jack. I've...
  10. 42re rebuild HELP!

    I am looking for some expert advice on the best rebuild kit possible for my 2003 v6 dakota with a 42re. Also are there any upgrades i can add to the rebuild for better gas mileage? Thanks for your Time.
  11. Motor Swap, Transmission Flexplate Bolt Up Not Matching

    3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    I have a 2003 Dodge Dakota v6 3.9l. The old motor was blown up so I got a new motor from a junk yard. It is the same x vin number motor It has a manual transmission set up on it. The transmission I have is an automatic. The flex plate does not bolt up to the motor, where the manual tranny...
  12. 3.9 to 5.2 swap with a carb?

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hi I am doing a 5.2 magnum swap (engine is the same year as my truck)with a aftermarket intake and carb and i am planning on using the original transmission (auto)for now. Does anyone know if i will have any problems with the transmission working with the carb vs fuel injection? Any tips will be...
  13. 2004 Transmission problems

    Dodge Dakota Body & Interior Problems/Questions
    Hello. I have a 2004 3.7L V6 Dodge Dakota and today my transmission stoped working. For the past couple weeks it had made a whineing noise through 1st gear. I checked the fluid level and smell, full and sweet. No check engine light so I kept driving it. Now it will not shift into gear when...
  14. What transmission do I have?

    Hi all, I just bought a 2000 Dakota quad cab sport. It is a 4x4 with the 5.9.I need to instal a new transmission pan gasket and filter but i dont know which transmission I have. From what ive read i think its a 46re but im not sure. Ive tried looking at decals on the truck but havent found...
  15. Trasmission troubles

    I have a 2006 4x4 V6 3.7L automatic, and while going to lunch today, the transmission shifted hard going into 2nd gear. After that, the truck wouldnt shift up or down. I could stop, put it in park, shut the ignition off and restart and it would work fine for a few minutes, then do the same...
  16. tranny problems -_-

    hello! first timer to this site and to forums in genreal but i need the publics help! i recently bought a 97 dakota sport. 5.2 4wd lifted 6in on 33's and was driving great then i noticed slipage:confused:. If i put the truck into D it will sound like a greyhound bus trying to take off with no...
  17. 95 dakota mopar 3 speed

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    im starting this thread to see if anyone has information regarding an a230 3 speed mopar duster trans into theyre dakota. any information regarding this swap like how to's fabrication ect. Sounds lime a gnarly set up since in 74 there was a 360 running them im the dusters.
  18. 2000 4.7 transmission problem

    4.7L V8 Specific Topics
    Hey guy's, I been noticing some problems with my transmission. At first my truck wouldn't engage into reverse, it would happen rarely and went away after about a month. Then as I turn on my truck today it jerked really hard as I put it into reverse. I didn't think much then I got a po700 code...
  19. I Cant Find Where This Connector Goes.

    Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I was driving during some heavy snowfall and slush built up near my transmission. it eventually froze and got dislodged while driving to work this morning and ripped some wiring out. i lost all the gears except reverse which only kinda works. it look like the wiring comes from the top of the...
  20. 09 Dakota Transmission Bumps in Reverse

    When my Reverse gear is engaged and I am holding the break or push on the gas, my truck jerks/bumps. This happens only sometimes though. I have taken it in before and my Solenoid A was pretty much "mush". They replaced it, I went on my way, Warranty ran out...And here I am with the returned...