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  1. Need help with 5.2!!

    Dodge Dakota General Discussion
    Hey y’all, so I got a 1992 Dakota LE with the 5.2 V8 as my first truck and I love it! I’m planning on buying a daily car and making the truck the street/strip vehicle because I’m a huge fan of drag racing. I was wondering if it would be better to build a N/A 360 or a turbo 360 or what. Let me...
  2. How To: Turbocharging General

    Power Adders
    There are many books, forums, PDFs, write-ups, and communities based solely on turbocharging vehicles. From your standard sport compact to full blown V10 exotics to miniscule 4 wheelers. If it has an engine, it can be turbocharged. Why Turbocharge? Turbocharging your engine increases the...