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  1. 3.9L V6 Specific Topics
    Well guys, I just purchased a new to me 1993 Dakota. The turn signals were not working when I bought it, I thought it would be an easy fix. I’ve put a new flasher relay, multiswitch, and a new fuse. Nothing has done the trick. When I hit the switch, nothing happens, no lights on the dash, any...
  2. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hello I'm trying to fix up my grandfather's old 1987 Dodge Dakota which is in pretty good shape overall and only 56k miles except for a couple things like the fuel lines hoses by the gas tank that i replaced, but now I'm having issues with the turn signals. They are working fine blinking and i...
  3. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Hey. I recently bought a 2001 dodge Dakota v6 and when I got it home started to look it over. Turns out the 4 ways work but...the turn signals do not. When 4 ways are on all lights work But when I turn the blinkers on no lights outside the truck or on the dash not sure what the problem is...
  4. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I have been struggling with my blinkers for some time but finally got around to testing and trying some things. (2000 Dakota 3.9L V6 4x4) Heres what I know: - Front signals work as normal - Left rear signal works normal - Right signal makes BOTH the rear signals AND the rear cab break light...
  5. New Member Introductions
    I have a problem. My Turn signals and hazards do not work---I have checked the fuse in the fuse panel--NUMBER 19, 10 Amp fuse--it's good. can't find any other information about this in the CHILTON/HAYNES manuals--word for word they are exactly the same--I think it's the combination flasher...
  6. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    Neither turn signals work and my left and right brake lights won't work. The third brake light comes on and the parking lights come on as well. I've already checked all of the fuses and the bulbs seem to be okay. Any advice?
  7. Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems & Questions
    I have been working on my truck recently, and just finished replacing the engine (not relevant to this post), and I went to try out the different functions, and my turn signals do not seem to be working. If I click the knob to turn on the right signal, it will make the clicking sound, without...
1-7 of 8 Results