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Hey all, first off hi I'm new to this forum and to owning a Dodge. There's quite a bit of backstory to my current situation but I'll try to make it brief.

Recently I acquired a 2002 Dodge Dakota RWD 4 door 4.7. It has only 45k miles on it and it had been sitting for a while. The original owner had it for a long while but never drove it when multiple years ago someone smashed his window while it was raining. After water got in the door panel the airbags went off. After that he let it sit for a while but it still started and ran but would die while driving.
Eventually he sold it to me for next to nothing because his mechanic told him it needed a PCM.

When I first acquired the vehicle it was throwing P0601 it idled fine, you could go into gears but would immediately die the second you let your foot off the gas if you tried driving.

So I bought a new PCM from a friend that was parting out the exact same truck. PCM numbers all matched.
Now the truck sat for about a month or two in between the time I got the truck to my place and bought a new PCM for it. Like the dumb sob I can be I didn't try starting the tuck before putting in the new PCM so I can not verify it started right before I put in the new PCM. Anyways once I dropped the new PCM in there it will crank but not start.
Then when I put the old PCM in it still showed the same symptoms. It originally seemed like a key immobilizer but my locksmith said the truck was not equipped with an immo he thought it had to be some mechanical reason but with as few miles as the truck has and the fact I know it started before I couldn't think what it could be.

I can verify fuel to the schrader valve on the fuel line but can not confirm to injectors. I also can't confirm spark but my engine has coil packs not wires so I'd assume that there shouldn't be any spark failure large enough to cause no start. My next best guess is maybe the crankshaft pos sensor let out on me for some reason?

I'm going to be doing some more poking around on it this weekend but thought I'd pick y'alls brains.
Thank you much, any input it welcome and appreciated.
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