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1987 dodge dakota 3.9 2wd

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Hopefully someone here can help. I have a 1987 dodge dakota 3.9 2wd that for some reason I hit the left or right blinker ALL tail and reverse lights come on and blink. Fronts are normal though so that's going for me. Also my brake lights also stopped working but the switch is good. They only activate when I put it in reverse but they stay on in reverse. I don't want to sell it because it was my grandpa's truck but I can't keep dealing with this.
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I'm just throwing this up against the wall because I don't know anything at all about that vintage & the schematics that I do have, such as most of them are, only cover from '97 through '04 (& except for '03 they are incomplete) but it sounds like there must be a combination flasher or switch that covers the functions you listed & it must have gone bad. That's just a total guess though.

You really need a schematic (& maybe someone with one for that year/period will get in on this) to trace out the circuits. Haynes does have schematics in back of their books, but I can see no rhyme or reason to which they include & which they don't. First choice would be the FSM for your year; you might find one on ebay for reasonable. Also, I recently read a post by someone that said if you go to Autozone's site you can get free schematics online. I've never personally tried that, but maybe give that a look.
Taking a look on rockauto.com (which is not a substitute for taking a look at a schematic), for that Dakota they are only showing the steering column turn signal

but thinking back, I do remember an ancient LTD I once had & when I hit either turn signal I'd lose the other brake light. After a few years of that, something on the column broke (I think it was the shift lever) so I got another column from a bone yard & it was complete with a switch & everything, & that problem was solved. (Unfortnately, that old beast had a lot more wrong with it than brake lights acting screwy.)
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