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I've always wanted a small 4X4 truck. I finally picked one up last year. The exterior is a little worn, which I love by the way, but the interior is in excellent shape for a 17 year old car. With only 72200 miles at the time it was a steal. This has been my favorite car to date and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Naturally in the year that I have owned I've noticed a couple of issues. The first one I have tried to tackle myself and have had no good results. It has fog lights that worked when I got it. After about two months they both burned out so I replaced the bulbs and they worked for about a day and I assumed they burned out again, but were fine when I looked at them. There was an inline fuse in the wiring so I checked it and it was good. The shady part was that the end of the wire was frayed and forced into the contact of the blade fuse to make a connection. This fuse was also not blown. So I decided to just rewire it all myself. I re-routed everything through like I it was originally installed and put in a new in line fuse kit to replace the old one. I also installed a new switch. I checked the grounding points from the lights and insured there wasn't anything interfering with the contact. The lights still don't work. Does anyone have any tips on what I should try to fix it?

The other issue is shifting into 4 wheel drive. I was not familiar with it in the beginning so I asked the previous owner how to use it. He told me to stop moving and put it in high and then to stop moving again to put it in low. We had difficulties while he was showing me but I chocked it up as me being a beginner. After going through the Owner's Manual I found out that you should be going about 10 or so into 4 high. I am unsure whether or not I am actually getting into gear. The indicator light comes on and I have tried turning, excessive gas and other than getting a good lunge it's difficult to tell if it's shifting. When shifting into 4 Low it grinds really bad. I have to slam it in and force it back. The 4 wheel drive works as advertised though. However, when shifting back up to 4 High it gets stuck in neutral and I have to force it out. Again grinding gears really bad. I've worked on engines but never trannys and especially not a differential. Is there some trick I'm not aware of yet. I would have gone to the original owner but really don't think he was too keen on it either.

Thank you guys for all the help and I look forward to any help you can offer. Thank you.
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