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I just dropped off my 96 Dakota at the shop to get a Solid Axle Swap and the shop will be taking off the 4" Trailmaster lift that is currently installed. I know lift kits for the first gen Dakotas are impossible to find, and there is probably someone out there that would be interested in it, rather than it just getting scrapped. Let me know if you are interested in it. It should be out of the truck and ready for pickup within the next week or so. I'll include the custom front drive shaft and shocks as well.The front shocks are Skyjacker Hydro 7000's with less than 1000 miles on them and the rear shocks look like they are the original that came with the kit, but they work fine.
$500 OBO
20200629_180014.jpg 20200629_175948.jpg 20200629_180202.jpg 20200629_180110.jpg 20200629_180035.jpg 20200629_180147.jpg
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