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I'll try to keep this short:

Reverse lights on my 2000 Dakota Sport (4.7 liter, manual) keep blowing the fuse instantaneously but I can't find where the short is that's causing it.

My first instinct was to say the hell with it and get a new relay for the reverse lights and run off of the existing reverse light switch but when I measured the voltage going through the switch it was 0.4 volts (am I crazy or not doing it right?) I didn't think it was a good idea to have a 12 volt signal go through that. Next idea was to find the relay that controls the reverse lights and just run a new circuit to the back and forget about the shorted circuit but I don't know which module the reverse lights run through.

I checked the wiring going back, unplugged the plug that connects the lighting on the back of the truck and the fuse still blew so it has to be shorted out either in the relay or somewhere around the dash, right? The truck is overdue for inspection and I'm about to go crazy over this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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