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I have a 2000 Dakota with only 17000 miles on it! (Not 170000)
I am getting chunks of black foam out of the ac vents. I first suspected that it had a replaceable cabin filter that was bad. From what I can find on line it has no cabin filter. The material is very porous.
I have seen a couple of post on other sites about removing the heater box(Pain in the A$$) to remove what may be a filter of some type.
Does anyone know exactly what the material is and where it is coming from?
Can someone please send me a picture of a disassembled heater box showing where the material is?
And the million $ question? What purpose does this material serve and If I just let it deteriorate and suck it out with a vacuum will this be harmful to the heater/AC system?
I really hate to tear into a pristine truck that I am saving for my retirement. I have a 2001 Dakota that has 147000 miles on it and has never had this problem.
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