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So gents I am having serious fits over this... I found out yesterday that the frame and leaf spring hangers are really rusty. the leaf spring hangers are rusted through. the frame has a crack where you can see through the frame at the rear forward leaf spring connection (pass side) So my questions are these.
1) Are there any other makes models that the suspension will transfer over to this truck?
2) How hard would it be to do a complete frame swap? (the engine and trans work great so i am reluctant to buy a new truck (and to broke to do so)
3) Any thoughts on how to get the rear shocks loose from the top mounts? (they are really rusty and seized completely looks like the previous owner rounded them off.
4) and finally what other years of Dakota fits this 2000 truck?
5) Oh and Is it important wether or not the new frame/other parts also come from a 4x4 donor?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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