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Just bought this Dakota and I have found that the Differential was a rebuild and that some bloke decided that they couldn't find a pair of CV Axle Inner CV Joints that matched and now I have an issue with the C-Clip on the Driver's side. I have done YT searches and online parts shops Chats and no one can tell me HOW to find the correct CV Axle for the C-Clip position for my Driver's side CV Axle. I have bought 3 so far and all the stores said it will fit...even after I told them about the C-Clip issue.

There seems to be only two C-Clip positions on the Joint shaft; 1/2" and 1.25" (guessing here). All three of my purchases had the 1/2" "notch" placement even though I told them about the difference. It's almost as if I need them to open the darn box and do a visual before shipping it. Added some photos.

One shop told me I am better off buying a differential from a junk yard to guarantee I get the same joints on both sides...but there's no guarantee there either...just better odds.

QUESTION 1: Have any of you ever found or ordered CV Axles that specified the placement of the C-Clip PRIOR to ordering it?

QUESTION 2: Since I have a 3" lift...can I order stock lower control arms...or do they need to be custom?

Many thanks!


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