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Hello Dakota World!

This Dakota's actually my first truck purchase, nonetheless my first vehicle buy ever. I'm excited due to the V6 since I live in the city, but I have the option of utilizing the bed along with the 4x4 and let's not forget my 2 little girls. The quad cab is awesome!

After doing further reviews, I've heard troubling things about the transmission. I've purchased this 04 Dakota at 74K Mi a few weeks back and was told the transmission was replaced in 08. I've been noticing a rolling feeling from the tranni when I'm at low rpms and mph. I've learned to accelerate and drive it to minimize this occurrence, but regardless it will happen from time to time. Is there anything I can do, or is this normal and something I will need to get used to?

For the Dakota Experts, I've also been hearing a clicking noise coming from what seems to be the Throttle Body. This also occurs at Low rpms and Low mphs, and sometimes when at idle.. Does this sound familiar to anybody? If so, what may I do to relieve this situation?

I really like this truck and plan to keep it for many years down the line and I want to do most of the work on it myself, but I currently have lack of knowledge for this vehicle. If I can please get some of your expertise' help!

Thanks for any help and am excited to be part of the DODGE DAKOTA CLUB!
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