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Hello. I have a 2004 3.7L V6 Dodge Dakota and today my transmission stoped working. For the past couple weeks it had made a whineing noise through 1st gear. I checked the fluid level and smell, full and sweet. No check engine light so I kept driving it. Now it will not shift into gear when trying to go, forwards or reverse, from a complete stop.

Here is a walkthrough of my issue: turn the car on, shift into drive, the car will not move, I rev the engine to 2k -3k, sometimes no response, sometimes it kicks into gear and then I am fine until I have to stop again. I drove 2 miles in stop and go traffic like this because I was on a busy road with no shoulder or lots. People loved me.

I happen to pull into a parking lot shared by a mechanic who, after listening to my discription of the problem and watching me repeat the walk through described above, said my drums were bad, probably.

I am mechanically inclined and have removed and installed a transmission on a van before. My question is, is it worth it, in dollars saved, to buy new drums and a kit and try and rebuild the transmission or should I just swap it out for a used one?

Thank you for you help!

Edit: Also if the rebuild is insanely hard or requires very specfic very expensive tools, then I can't do it. Any knowledge on the rebuild would be appreciated.
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